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Article on ISO 26000

Responsible Business, issued by CSR Lebanon, recently published an article I had written on ISO 26000 “certification” You can download a PDF of the article here – ISO26000 Article_Responsible Business_Issue 7   Let me know what you think in a comment below!

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Responsible Business = Responsible Customers

I had a great experience while shopping for wine at In Vino the other day. For those who don’t know, this is a specialized wine store in Yerevan. Besides the great customer service, I got a little surprise in my bag with my bottle of wine – a little do-it-yourself alcohol test, which uses saliva to […]

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Book Review: The Social Entrepreneur Revolution

My review of this book was originally published on the CSR International website Author(s): Martin Clark Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books Inc. Year: 2009 Pages: 208 One of the most discussed concepts in the world of sustainability and sustainable business today is that of social entrepreneurship. If you have heard the term being bounced around and have been vaguely intrigued […]

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Sorry _insert company name here_, this is not a CSR Report…

On a recent trip to Lebanon, I came across a magazine called Responsible Business published by CSR Lebanon.  Before I get to the specific article I want to write about today, I have to say that it was inspiring to find a magazine dedicated to CSR in a country like Lebanon, mostly because on that trip […]

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