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A word about partnerships

An increasingly common practice in the world of business and sustainability is the formation of partnerships.

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12 Minutes of CSR

When one thinks of Film Festivals, Corporate Citizenship is not the first thing that comes to mind, is it?  It is, if you work at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship! The BCCCC (give or take a ‘C’) had organized a Corporate Citizen Film Festival in 2010 and some of the entries are really worth a watch.  I won’t post them all here, but it is worth spending 12 minutes to watch these four videos, from four different business sectors.  Note the strategic focus of each company and the thinking that has gone into some of these approaches!

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Understanding what CSR is and what it is not

I got a nice New Year’s gift today from VivaCell-MTS – a package of goodies, containing also a copy of the fourth edition of the company’s Corporate Responsibility report, called VivaCell-MTS to Armenia.  Thanks! I call it a CR report although, in content and style, it is very different from the reports that companies publish […]

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CSR Reporting: The Example of GE

General Electric (GE), led by CEO Jeff Immelt, has long been considered by many to be a leader in the world of Corporate Responsibility.  However, it is one thing to have good CSR policies and another to effectively communicate them, both internally and externally.  This is an issue that is especially important to Armenia – […]

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Welcome / Բարի գալուստ

Welcome to CSR Armenia, Armenia’s first blog dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues. Բարի գալուստ CSR Armenia` Հայաստանում Կորպորատիվ սոցիալական պատասխանատվության (ԿՍՊ) թեմային նվիրված առաջին բլոգը:

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