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Book Review: The Social Entrepreneur Revolution


My review of this book was originally published on the CSR International website Author(s): Martin Clark Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books Inc. Year: 2009 Pages: 208 One of the most discussed concepts in the world of sustainability and sustainable business today is that of social entrepreneurship. If you have heard the term being bounced around and have been vaguely intrigued […]

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More on eco-friendly mobile phones…


I came across an interesting blog post the other day, which fits in well with the topic of one of my earlier posts –  eco-rating.  7 of the Most Eco-Friendly Cell Phones on the Market by Megan Treacy has some points I do not agree with (like the iPhone – that logic can be applied to […]

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Sorry _insert company name here_, this is not a CSR Report…


On a recent trip to Lebanon, I came across a magazine called Responsible Business published by CSR Lebanon.  Before I get to the specific article I want to write about today, I have to say that it was inspiring to find a magazine dedicated to CSR in a country like Lebanon, mostly because on that trip […]

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Eco-Rating of Mobile Phones – an Important Day for CSR in Armenia!


In June 2012, Orange launched the eco-rating of mobile phones in its shops in Armenia and online store.  To some extent, this was a landmark moment for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the country and here’s why.   But first things first – what is eco-rating?  To put it simply, it is a way for […]

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CSR Armenia returns… again!


It’s been more than 10 months since my last post, which is close criminal… No specific commitments (didn’t work last time) but I will do my best to update more frequently.  Thanks for visiting!

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Ken dumps Barbie: Greenpeace’s latest success!


As most people who’ve read on the history of CSR will know, Greenpeace features big with their campaign around Brent Spar.  They are the perfect example of what some researchers call ‘confronters’, i.e. organizations that attack the corporations in order to raise their awareness on CSR/Sustainability issues.  Another example of how they did this was […]

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A brilliant CSR initiative from eBay – the eBay box!


This is truly an excellent initiative.  Think about it – eBay is a huge name and is responsible for thousands of boxes being shipped from one end of the globe to the other, on a daily basis.  This is an important issue in their value chain and the company’s team has come up with an […]

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CSR Armenia is back!


Hi everyone, After a long break of more than 6 months, CSR Armenia is back.  I’m struggling with whether or not I should commit to a specific frequency of updates (obviously, that didn’t work the last time I did it…), but at the moment I hope to be able to bring something new to my […]

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PRNews CSR Awards


I’ve got together some material that I will be publishing in the posts to come, but one thing I wanted to bring to you while it is still ‘fresh’ is a summary of the results of the PR News Corporate Social Responsibility awards.

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CSR Blogs: Forbes


I came across another good CSR blog today. It has a straightforward title – The CSR Blog – but bears a name that many non-CSR people in the business world will recognize instantly – Forbes.

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