AmCham Magazine Focuses on Environment

AmChamThe latest issue of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham) magazine focuses on environmental issues. Besides an interview with the Ministry for Environmental Protection and some articles by their member companies, it also features a nice little section on CSR activities by some of their members, like Austrian Airlines, Coca Cola HBC Armenia, Ernst & Young, Deem Communications, HSBC Armenia, Mary Kay and others. Some of them, like the bit by Ameria Bank, focus mainly on philanthropy – I guess it would have been too much to expect all the companies to present more strategic CSR :)

FINCA has an interesting bit on responsible investment, they say –

Above all, the company has a pledge to CSR; not to give financial services or loans to individuals or corporations, which are in any way harmful to the society or the environment; companies dealing with hazardous substances, weapons, tobacco, illegal pharmaceuticals, pesticides/herbicides, ozone depleting substances, wildlife or products regulated under the Committee on the International Trade in Endangered Species. In a way, this act is to show corporate character, as well as, dictate norms and contribute to the greater good within the society.

All in all, the magazine is worth taking a look at; you can download it here –

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