Orange Volunteering Week!

For many people (especially in Armenia!) a company doing “good CSR” means that it is financially contributing to various NGOs or social/environmental initiatives.  This is only part of the story (a very small part, in many cases).

One other resource that companies have to offer is their staff – and Orange Armenia has shown an innovative way to do just that.  September 17 to 24 has been declared Orange Volunteering Week and, in the lead up to this event, the company distributed an announcement among various non-profit organizations asking them what they would need an Orange volunteer to do – help them with a marketing plan, spruce up their website, teach them some social media skills, perhaps…

There was also an internal search for Orange volunteers and, as a result, 17 organizations were matched with Orange employees who spent a few hours helping them with various issues ranging from basic computer classes and workshops on Microsoft Excel to a dance lesson!  The initiative involved employees from the company’s Customer Care, Marketing, Accounting, IT and Sales units, as described in this press release.  There is also a news report aired on Shant TV, which is on the company’s YouTube Channel, with subtitles in English.

This was the Armenian bit of a global effort over the past week, more details of which are available here.

Of course, regular readers of the blog know that I work at Orange Armenia, and I am very happy to have been one of the organizers of this – the first Orange Volunteering Week in Armenia.  I look forward to making it a regular effort by the company and am very proud of everyone who offered some of their time and expertise to make this work!

Did you host an Orange volunteer at your organization?  How did it go?

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