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Orange Volunteering Week!

Volunteer map_Eng

For many people (especially in Armenia!) a company doing “good CSR” means that it is financially contributing to various NGOs or social/environmental initiatives.  This is only part of the story (a very small part, in many cases). One other resource that companies have to offer is their staff – and Orange Armenia has shown an […]

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Sustainable Olympics: would the Games be a Responsible Business?

It’s been about a week since the end of London 2012 – the Olympics and Paralympics.  Maybe it’s just me, but wasn’t this the first Games that had so much focus on  sustainability?  Yes, it’s hosted by UK and sustainability is a big issue there… yes, it’s 2012, and we’re just a little more concerned […]

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Book Review: The Social Entrepreneur Revolution

My review of this book was originally published on the CSR International website Author(s): Martin Clark Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books Inc. Year: 2009 Pages: 208 One of the most discussed concepts in the world of sustainability and sustainable business today is that of social entrepreneurship. If you have heard the term being bounced around and have been vaguely intrigued […]

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