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It’s been a while since my last post! I’ve got together some material that I will be publishing in the posts to come, but one thing I wanted to bring to you while it is still ‘fresh’ is a summary of the results of the PR News Corporate Social Responsibility awards.  There are a number of categories such as best report, best CSR blog, cause branding and more.  You’ll notice that the companies are all American (someone please correct me if you spot a European or non-American company in there), so obviously this is not a perfect reference, because many of the leading companies in CSR and sustainability come from the other side of the Atlantic (or even the Pacific!).

Another reason why this isn’t the perfect resource for those interested in CSR is that PR News focuses mostly on… well, PR.  And of course, good CSR and sustainability is not solely about PR.

There are however, lots of interesting pieces of information, and you can download the ‘special issue’ focusing on the awards in the form of a free PDF.

One winner that caught my eye was in the category of Employee Volunteer Program.  It describes how Discovery Communications celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a global day for employee volunteering.  The initiative ended up involving more than 3000 people from 50 offices globally in 140 different projects.  There are always “essential” staff who can’t leave the office during working hours – they were given ‘in-house’ tasks like making greeting cards.  Can you imagine what being part of an initiative of that scale does for an employee and is or her company?  Unsurprisingly, the company has now decided that this will be an annual event.

Could a company in Armenia come up with an initiative of this scale and impact?

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