A word about partnerships

An increasingly common practice in the world of business and sustainability is the formation of partnerships.  Partnerships allow businesses to reach wider audiences and tap into expertise that they may not otherwise have – managing social, educational and cultural projects.  Partnerships also help non-profits or governments (or both) gain access to resources – such as funding or business management expertise – that they need to continue the work that they are doing.  Importantly, when done right partnerships help all sides use their resources optimally and maximize the impact of their work.  The Guardian’s Sustainable Business section has a new ‘How to’ for companies and NGOs looking to form partnerships in the area of sustainability and CSR, which is well worth a read.

In Armenia, the concept of multi-stakeholder partnerships is starting to pick up and I hope to be able to focus on specific examples in the posts to come (although I’d be happy to see readers provide some in the comments below :)).  The Ministry of Economy section on Concept Notes includes one on Public Private Partnerships and the UN Global Compact site in Armenia has a few examples.  But we still see a lot of charity work and some CSR where businesses go it alone and fail to explore potential partners in the area.  Here’s hoping we’ll have a lot more in the area of sustainability and CSR partnerships in Armenia in 2011!

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